Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Brief blog

So I've been neglecting this blog excuses here.

Honestly, I've had plenty of topics on hand that I hope to flesh out soon ("hope" being the operative word there), but life has once again sped up with the Spring (and hopefully my final) semester of grad school bearing down on me. So in the mean time, I'll try to get out some brief thoughts.

1. Oh be careful little Christian what you say

Sometime in the near future, I hope to get out a well thought out and reasoned "top 10" list of Christian-y phrases that get under my skin. This idea started out as a vent-session, but I quickly realized that it may be a timely post as new generations are starting to come into leadership. Besides, who doesn't like a good "top 10" list? I know I do. Bottom line, it's always good to think well about using phrases that have been handed to you from our Christian sub-culture (some quick examples are "Our Lord", "love on you..." and "you've just gotta have faith"). Most if not all of these traditional phrases have some grounding in Scripture and mean something, but many rarely think about what exactly that meaning is and if they're using it in the right context. Think about it.

2. Create! Do it!

Perhaps it's because I am sincerely an introvert (not a shy one, mind you) that I find it so spiritually refreshing to be alone. Regardless and without any citations, it's been found that quiet time is sorely missed in our American culture (not to the exclusion of other cultures, but I'm writing from experience here). What has been most rewarding about the time I can steal to myself (usually before anyone else wakes up in the morning) is the creative energy it yields. Now, I know that not everyone is a musician, painter, etc. but we all are creative in some way or another. Whether you tap into that creativity or not is a totally different topic. Truthfully, it's healthy for the soul. Create. do it.

3. Get out there and move

While I have no intention of turning this blog into a fitness blog, I am wildly passionate about health and I find the human body fascinating. The romantic in me must fight using annoying phrases like "we're God's masterpiece" (well, I guess resistance is futile), but truly I believe we are. What's more, is that I think the mind/body dichotomy is not as clear cut as tradition has lent. I think that the areas in which our mind and body interact are much more closely related and so as much as we should be careful what we think and say, we should also not forget to do. Get moving. It's good for you.

Okay, those were a few short ideas that have been rattling around in my head. Feel free to comment on any/all of them in the comments below!

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