Friday, February 11, 2011

Introductions and formalities

ok. i cracked. Here it is: the blog that i contemplated making for the last week or so. My wife (whom i love very very much) says i don't have time, but i want to go ahead and try...i suppose if it doesn't work out, oh well.
Well I was trying to think of what i should write first. I got to thinking "you know, i don't even really read blogs much.." so i've decided that mine will more than likely be absolutly unorthodox when it comes to blog trends. so first i will give my introduction.
I don't really wanna start by saying "hi, my name is so and so" because i've found that names are kind of relative to their context really. so for formalities sake, i'll say my name is Alexander though i've gone by several names (some of which i'm not so proud of). Not to discount the importance of a name, just that i've found that a person is better defined by what they do and what they believe rather than what people call them.
I named this blog "musings of a dread" because i have no direct aimed purpose to blogging, simply that i find myself often thinking and just want to tell someone, but unfortunately, my wife and i dont usually touch base until the end of the day at which point we're both exhausted and just want to enjoy eachother without contemplating any kind of profound thought, so YOU all get to here it :). I like to consider myself a Dread in the more ancient understanding of the kind. that is, in association with the Levites and those of the Nazarite Vow. a Dread was traditionally thought to be a Holy man, using his hair as a symbol of his devotion to God. at first i just thought it was a neat idea, but as i've had dreads i see where this idea really came from as having dreads is a day in and day out process; not something you do once at a time like a hair cut. there are several ways of extrapolating this and applying it to my faith (that is Christianity in the greater Tradition). This is also probably why Rastafarian religion has adopted this as a symbol of their tradition as well, though, from what i know, it is a slightly heretical version of Christianity, so i'd like to first and foremost say that i don't associate with that religion, though we use a common symbol of our faith.
As you might have picked up on, i am an amature philosopher/theologian. i am a Philosophy and Religion major with a minor in worship music. I am a musician and a novice writer. I've played drums and percussion for about 11 years and picked up guitar in the last 2 years and ukalele in the last few months. I aim at being a full-time Worship Pastor somewhere after i graduate unless, God has other plans undisclosed to me at this time.
I have a beautiful wife named Arin and an awesome 3 year old son named Atticus and one little one on the way. we have a sonogram to find out the sex on the 22nd of Feb, so i'm sure you'll all get to hear about it when that happens..I value my family above all else aside from God. they are the thing that keeps me sane and fueled when i am on the verge of burn out. I believe that a cohesive family unit is still possible though many (including my own parents) have failed and the odds are stacked against me., we are determined to make this work and give our children the one thing we never had growing up that is beyond the material provisions: Family full of love and void of seperational abandonment.
well i feel like i'm done for now...i really am interested to see how long and how often i keep this up or rather, if anyone will even read them. At the very least, I'll get these thoughts out of my head. thanks for listening.

The Dread

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